Daniel is an excellent real estate agent, who has many reliable and credible connections that could help your home buying process a smooth one from the very first day to the day you close on your house. He is very detail orientated and will give his honest comments and suggestions on every house he showed based on his observation.

In our experience, even when Daniel noticed we fell in love with a particular house, he strongly advised against buying the house based on its poor structural integrity, and showed us every details of why it is the case. Daniel keeps his comments very professional when it comes to the house, but he is a very personable and funny to keep your house hunting journey an interesting one. Daniel worked nights and weekends to align with our work schedule. He somehow manage to get us a showing to a house that already has offers using his connections, and drove us to see the house on a stormy winter day. Daniel worked until midnight that day to turn in our offer, and a month later, we were able to close on the house.

Daniel knows the business very well, and he is also a man of principle and faith. It was wonderful to have him as our agent for our first home. We highly recommend Daniel as he is an excellent real estate agent!