"Mr. Stephens was amazing at helping me sell a rental property I owned. He sold my property within one month and was able to get me about 15% more than I had planned. I owned a condo unit as a rental property for approximately 3 years but grew tired of being a landlord. I was familiar with the complex and surrounding area and had a price in mind for the sale of my property...I had done my research. When I asked Daniel about listing the property for me, he completed his research quickly and suggested a price significantly higher than the value I had determined and indicated he could sell it in a reasonable amount of time at that price. I gave him the go ahead expecting to have to lower the price before it would sell. Within three weeks we had two highly interested parties and agreed to a contract without any significant concessions or reductions in price. In addition, the closing went off without a hitch thanks to Daniel's referrals of a great title company, and a couple craftsman required for some minor fixes. I have completed about nine real estate transactions (purchases, sales, refinances) over the years, and this was by far one of the quickest and smoothest...and I made about 15% more than expected to top it off! That extra 15% was money I would have left on the table if I had sold it myself as I was contemplating!"